JIZHOU ZHONGYI FRP CO.,LTD. No. 14, Nanqiao Street, Jizhou City, Hebei Province, China.
   On 26th of Sep.,2014, the 2nd session of the 1st Hengshui FRP Industry Association was held in our company, in which below issues were included: 1. Election of association president, deputy president and secretary-general;2.Invitation of valuable proposals from state industry leaders upon enterprises’ development;3.Typical statement by leaders of every enterprise at present;4.Free communication.
    At the meeting, Yingwu Zhang, the chairman of ZHONGYI Co.was elected as the association president, Huailiang Liu as both the deputy president and secretary-general, Huanyu Li as the deputy president, Hongxiang Qiao as both the deputy president and JIZHOU liaison group leader. Leaders who attended the meeting include Fuxiang Zhang and Liguo Zhang, president of the State FRP Association; Shikun Wang, mayor of JIZHOU government;Qing Geng, president of Hengshui Industry and Economics Federation; Huailiang Liu, secretary-general of Henghsui FRP Industry Association; Bo Wu, mayor of JIZHOU government; Juankun Duan, deputy mayor of Jizhou City; Guoying Yin, director of JIZHOU Development and Reform Bureau; Huabin Qi, director of JIZHOU Industry and Information Bureau.
    At the final of the meeting, Kunshi Wang, deputy mayor of Hengshui government, specially showed his celebration to establishing Hengshui FRP Industry Association, and gave lots of encourage to the work related to the association, as well as hopes that all enterprises in Hengshui City shall strengthen mutual cooperation by this association, and make a big contribution to the development of Hengshui City.

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