JIZHOU ZHONGYI FRP CO.,LTD. No. 14, Nanqiao Street, Jizhou City, Hebei Province, China.
According to related information collection, Hengshui area has become the most important FRP environmental protection equipment industry area in Hebei ,.The FRP environmental protection equipment not only involves the traditional FRP cooling towers, pipes, storage tanks in the decades , and in recent years applied to water treatment membrane shell, heavy-duty floor, pressure vessel, metallurgical coal desulfurization denitrification environmental protection product, underground double-wall pot, acid mist purification tower, desulfurization tower and smoke tower and more than 10 categories of products. The manufacture enterprises expanded to more than 20 enterprises, Zhongyi FRP Co.,Ltd, is the largest one and occupies the leading place. In addition to be supplied to different fields of domestic industries, but also exported to overseas.
The features of the products in ZHONGYI company are environmental protection, good physical performance, strong corrosion resistance. ZHONGYI company continuously innovate the development concept and the ideas. According to different material needed in chemical production process, different temperature, the needs of different pressure, ZHONGYI company has developed a new type of FRP containers and equipment, and put into the market. Choose ZHONGYI will give yourself a trust。

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