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Chimney-cooling tower integrated FGD products

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   "Cooling tower to supersede chimneys"technology means the emission is discharged to atmosphere through fume pipe to hyperbolic cooling tower and discharged to upper air together with desulphurization waste gas, no longer discharge into the atmosphere through the chimney, combined fume pipe and cooling tower together into a waste gas discharging system. It has the advantages of excellent anti-corrosion and durability, long service life. Service life can reach 30 years, consistent with the life cycle of the thermal power plant, and then avoid the economic losses and trouble caused by replacement of pipe, and also reduces the cost of corrosion. Because of low specific gravity of FRP material, no need frame support and save construction costs.
  "Cooling tower to supersede chimneys" technology has a great significance of environmental protection. As a mature technology of German R & D in the 1980s, this technology discharge fume using cooling tower, the exhaust gas purification rate reached 97.5%, especially the exhaust ground concentrations significantly better than the stack emissions. Height of stack emissions is 300 meters, while the cooling tower is at 500 meters, so that exhaust gas diffusion range increases, carbide ground concentrations reduced to below 400 mg / cubic meter.


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