JIZHOU ZHONGYI FRP CO.,LTD. No. 14, Nanqiao Street, Jizhou City, Hebei Province, China.
 Jizhou Zhongyi Frp Co.,Ltd. Is a large and dynamic Chinese business, with a reputation in its market for its high-quality products. In order to continue its growth, however, Zhongyi is having to consider the newest and the most advanced production lines of development in an increasingly open and competitive environment.
  Consistently committed to providing with customers high-quality, environmentally protecting and anti-corrosive proposal and products, Zhongyi is exploiting a broader global market with its updated company vision as the world’s top-ranking and the greatest comprehensive FRP production base. Easy to see, Zhongyi is taking the lead of composite industry in China.
  Given what an important and active role in the global market that GFRP products will have the big chance to play, Zhongyi has the objective to focus on GFRP products development in the future. Globally, total sales in the GFRP market have been increasing, mainly due to the fact that Zhongyi has developed more customized specs of GRP products, including tank, pipes, gratings, pipe fittings, towers etc., so as to meet more specific customers’ requirements. Zhongyi has kept abreast of the current market need for GRP products that make use of the most recent technologies. Through learning advanced producing technology and introducing state-of-the-art equipments form developed countries, the whole production line has formed a strict system with top supervision.
   Faced with further challenges, Zhongyi is emphasizing special products for the engineering fields, with specially developed innovative GRP products that only a few companies are able to keep up with and produce. Depending on the high-quality products, Zhongyi is trying to lower its production cost by all means, and expects to offer customers more economical products in the future. In view of innovation, Zhongyi always try to find out what the markets want and anticipate what FRP makers will produce. In this way, Zhongyi is in a position to create and manufacture valuable products for the world.

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