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1200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover

1200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover

1200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 11200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 21200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 31200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 41200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 51200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 61200 colorized non-bearing manhole cover 7


1. Integral cover, the drainage is more unobstructed, no hydrops in drainage sink and dirt retention.

2. Set with sealing strip, well-sealed; no noise when close the cover. 

3. The internal space is shaped into a whole body, perfectly matching YOUJIETE manhole well

4. Optional hydraulic lever type open, easy to open or close the cover, operation is simple.

5. Hydraulic rod type structure is simple, easy to operate

6. Cover plate with waterproof lock core and waterproof cap to prevent unlock failure during winter rain and snow. 

7. Cover a small area, installation and use is more convenient.

There are 1350 and 1200 models of YOUJIETE colorized non-bearing manhole cover.

Color: red, green, yellow, rose red and black, and perfectly matching YOUJIETE manhole well.


1, SMC composite material made by high temperature and high pressure molding has the properties of high strength and corrosion resistance.

2. Various colors: red, green, yellow, color can be customized according to customer demand.

3. Has an integral drainage sink and waterproof lock core for waterproof and anti-theft.

4. According to the customer demand, base plate and accessories can be choose and supplied, construction and installation is faster, well-sealing and more beautiful.

5. Protruding design provide good sealing performance and good air permeability.

6. It can be matched with 1355 manhole Wells and 1400 manhole Wells.

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