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Standard inside stub manhole cover (1400)

Standard inside stub manhole cover (1400)

Standard inside stub manhole cover (1400) 1Standard inside stub manhole cover (1400) 2Standard inside stub manhole cover (1400) 3

YOUJIETE Standard inside stub manhole cover is mainly used for  preventing soil pollution when underground tank pipe joint leakage in gas stations, but also for preventing the groundwater into the operation well and corrode the equipment instruments in the well. Standard inside stub manhole cover is a protection container for underground tank joints, valves, pumps, underground pipeline joints and sensors. It also provides a clean room for the underground tank connect with the ground, to facilitate future maintenance and maintenance.


1.The main structure is static free with high strength anti-static SMC composite materials

2. Manhole well SMC material has a property of low water absorption, work with pipe seal parts, will provide a better anti-leakage performance.

3. Unique high-pressure thermoforming, advanced manufacturing technology and beautiful appearance

4. 1.4m large working space, easy to operate

5 The well thickness is 8mm, which is easy to open holes when it meets the strength requirement, and easily install.

6. The height can be adjusted according to the need to meet the actual installation height on site.

7. Oil and water monitoring sensors can be installed inside, and automatic alarm can be given when leakage occurs, realizing the intelligent management of the oil station.

8. Installation space is octagon type easy for installation of pipelines, conduit, etc

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