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Cable Tray

Cable Bridge


  Cable tray has the characteristics of great variety of goods, a wide range of applications, high strength, light weight, low cost, simple construction, flexible wiring, easy to installation, beautiful appearance and so on, bring convenience for users of the technology improvements, expansion of cable and maintenance.

  Installation of series cable tray can be adapted to local conditions, can be installed with the overhead laying process piping; can be installed on the floor or lifted under the beam; can be installed in indoor and outdoor walls, the column wall, tunnel, cable trench side mounted, and can also be installed on the open-air column or buttress. When lifting or stand mount large multi-storey bridge, it should be adopted in the symmetrical laying of two sides of I type beam.

  Series of cable tray can be installed in horizontal or vertical position; can corner, T-shaped, cross branch; adjustable width, height and diameter.

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